Electric for full trailer

147. Lamp lenses high, red and orange, 15 each

        installation diameter app. (9mm) 0.35''

149. Spare bulbs, 5 pieces, 3V, 100mA

172. Subminiature switches, 2 pieces,

        installation diameter (5mm) 0.20"

759. 6-pole socket, installation

        diameter (12mm) 0.47"

771. Charging cable incl. 6-pole plug

786. Electrical system for van corner

        lights eight 3V bulbs, each 15 red and

        orange lenses, two 6-pol screw terminal

        strips and connecting cable

        to the rear main terminal strips

788. Battery box incl. 12V battery

        for use on semi-trailers and full trailers.

792. Supplementary Module for servo

        operation - not for proportional functions

        -, also for infrared installations.

797. Electrical system "MF-A" incl.

        infrared receiver for either semi

        trailer and full trailer, in conjunction

        with the electrical system "MF" part no.

        796 and battery box, part no. 788

798. Spare fuses for electrical systems "MF" and "MF-A"

799. Spare bulbs 5V for electr.

        systems "MF" and "MF-A"

800. LED's 3.3V 20mA 1600 mcd -


2101. Electrical system „LC-A“ for trailer

          and semi-trailer The low cost alternative to

          electric system # 797. It is connected by two

          jack plugs to the electrical system 

          # 2100 and enables the function of

          light, brake light, blinkers and warning

          light. It will work together with the electric

          system # 2100 for tractors and rigid trucks.