Chassis for semi trailer

Like the professional chassis provided for the prime movers, these chassis types, too, will give your truck not only a more professional appearance, but thanks to the aluminium longiture profiles and the aluminium cross members they also reduce the weight of your semi trailer, even on high load bearing capacity. The 2-axle chassis for dumper semi trailer is made from aluminium U-profile frame 2.36’’x0.79’’x0.08” (60x20x2 mm).



 368.Chassis 2-axle semi trailer

 for dump bodies
 including twin-tyres, chromed

 outside wheel rims, double landing

 gear and polished aluminium bumper

 with two 4-chamber rear lights.

 Width: 6.30" 160 mm

 Height: app. 3.74" ca.95 mm

 Lenght: 20.39" 518 mm 

 Superstructure: Dump bodies 

 737.Professionel Chassis for Semi-


 Weigth:1,3 Kg

 Width:160 mm

 Height: 95 mm

 Lenght: 790 mm

 Superstructure: Tank/Container

738.Professionel Chassis for Semi-


Weigth:1,3 Kg

Width:  160 mm

Height: 95 mm

Lenght: 788 mm

Superstructure: Tank/Container

742.Trailingaxle with lift

3 axle semitrailer

2127.Pro-chassis 3-axle

semi-trailer with lift