Low loader

echnical data
Type Art. No. Length


Loading heigt Weight
Low loader

Drop deck

928 mm

935 mm

160 mm

6.93" to 8.50"
176 bis 216 mm

app. 1.85"
47 mm

app. 2.36"
ca. 60 mm
6.39 lb
2,9 kg

5,06 lb
2,3 kg

3.Low-loader semi-trailer 
black with steering rear axle

together with part no. 110 you

can build it up to a full trailer

21.Drop deck semi-trailer incl. ramps

with each two round lamps and two 4-chamber

rear lights, ramps and landing gear operated

via servo for the RC equipment

110.Steerable Tandem front axle for low loader #3
The kit contents all parts shown in the illustration.

With this axle combination you can transform your

low loader semi trailer into a highly manoeuvrable

full trailer. This item will be delivered with grey

and chromed rims

270.Gooseneck Dolly for heavy-duty

transports Dolly to connect the truck tractor

to the low loader or drop deck semi-trailer

443.Winch for drop deck semi trailer part no. 21

449.Tarpaulin with roof bows for

drop deck semi trailer no. 21

781.Dolly with aluminium fifthwheel

for semi trailer incl. trailer drawbar