Body for 2 and 3-axle semi-trailer

The selection of each superstructure depends on which of the chassis version you have chosen as basic for your semi trailer, either “Europe”, “America” or “Dump”. It is the selection of the chassis which determines the type of superstructure to be used.
The superstructures belong to the WEDICO programme “system construction”. Their different lengths demand different types of chassis.

Your semi trailer will fit all 2-axle and 3-axle tractor units, respective of the combination of semi trailer body and chassis chosen. There is one exception which is the Volvo Globetredter cab: Due to it’s high roof this tractor has to be equipped by a 3-axle chassis.

These kits also consist of aluminium sheets – partial polished or powder painted -, aluminium frames and high strength plastic components. Please take the technical data and article numbers from the following product specifications and tables. Additional information are given by the separate “chapters” chassis and electric. 

Art.No. Description

286.Dump body, white, for semi-trailer
app. ( 589x160x127 mm) 23.19x6.30x5.00''

Fits the special 2-axle chassis. With embossed

outer side panels, tail gate with lever locking device.

Prepared for the installation of the radio-controlled

hydraulics and the electronic speed controllers.


287.same like before, colour red

288.same like before, colour silver

295.Electronic speed controller
for the radio-controlled operating of dump

hydraulic and of the crane unit. 12V, max.

2A load current, shortresistent.

308.Shipping container for flatbed-bodies
incl. catching pigots. Panels made from corrugated

aluminium. 2 tail doors (365x160x160 mm) 14.35x6.30x6.30''

310.Container body, white for

2 and 3-axle semi-trailer
with smooth powder painted

panels, roof and two rear doors.

( 821x163x163 mm)32.32x6.42x6.42''


314.Container body, for

2 and 3-axle semi-trailer
Made from polished aluminium

sheets with each 2 side and

rear doors. (821x163x163 mm)


318.Tank body oval, for 2 and 3-axle semi trailer
with polished hose tubes, ladder, 4 black manhole

covers and rear lights inside the tank body. Prepared

for the installation of 4 tank inner compartments, part

no. 403. app. (803x160x146 mm) 31.61x6.30x5.70''

319.same like before, colour white, powder painted

322.Flatbed body for 2-axle chassis part no.367
Prepared for the attachment of 24 stakes.

Catching pigots are provided for the

attachment of 2 shipping

containers, part no. 308. app

(760x175x115 mm)


403.Tank inner compartment
with fitting plug-in parts for tank bodies.

Filling and discharge hoses, equipment tool

box with drain cock. Capacity 0.5l. Up to 4

of these compartments will fit the tanker

semi trailer, and 2 fit the full trailer

404.Manhole covers black, 4 pieces
Hole distance 20mm, charging hole diameter 20mm

2120.Dump body „HP“, white, powder coated
In combination with 3-axle chassis # 2127
Additional needed hydraulic „HP“ for rigid trucks 
and semi-trailer # 2130

2121.same like before, colour red

2122.same like before, colour silver


2294.Hydraulic fitting all dump bodies.

Radio-controllable via electronic speed controller

part no. 295 Cylindre diameter (10, 12, 14 and 16 mm)

0.39, 0.47, 0.55 and 0.63", length (139 mm) 5.47",

lift 295 mm lifting power 6kp, pump pressure 6 bar,

pump measurements: (30x35x72,5 mm) 1,18"x1,38"x2,85"
pump motor 12V 0,2-1,5A 
oil tank: (50x70x20/30 mm) 1.97x2.76x0.78/1.18", 80ml

2296.Hydraulic oil, 100ml, for hydraulic No. 2294