Prime movers

The WEDICO superstructures can be used with all types of cabs to transform the prime movers into many different variants of trucks. The method of system construction allows the composition of a wagon and drag. It does not matter whether you are using a 2-axle or 3-axle trailer chassis, the bodies will fit both. Construction of all variants is possible, and does not depend upon the type of chassis of your prime mover.

Both, standard or professional may be used, although in order to fit a body to a professional chassis you will need to use a retrofit set. The only exception is the crane body which needs the chassis # 736, fitted with a fifth wheel # 700.

WEDICO construct these superstructures in the same way as all other products, using high quality materials only, like aluminium sheets or aluminium frames and high strength plastic components. The coloured bodies are powder painted. You will be finding more detailed below.


Art.No. Description

273.Van body, white, app.

(409x163x179mm) 16.10x6.42x7.05''
for rigid truck and 2-axle trailer

276.Crane body "US style", red,

app. (355x173x185mm) 13.90x6.81x7.28'', 

crane arm length 225 to 365 mm (8.85 to 14.37’’),

incl. winch. Accessories: Electronic speed controller

part-no. 295 and 2 x all-round warning lamps part-no.

793. Only for chassis part no. 736

284.Tank body, oval, white, app.

(376x160x146mm) 14.80x6.30x5.70''
for rigid truck and 2-axle trailer

285.Tank body, oval, polished,

app. (376x160x146mm) 14.80x6.30x5.70''
for rigid truck and 2-axle trailer

290.Dump body, white, for rigid truck, app.

(452x160x142mm) 17.70''x6.30''x5.59''
Fits prime movers. With embossed outer side

panels, tail gate with lever locking device. Prepared

for the installation of the radio-controlled hydraulics

and the electronic speed controllers.

291.same like before, colour red

292.same like before, colour silver

295.Electronic speed controller
for the radio-controlled operating

of dump hydraulic and of the crane

unit. 12V, max. 2A load current, shortresistent.

308.Shipping container for flatbed-bodies
incl. catching pigots. Panels made from

corrugated aluminium. 2 tail doors

(365x160x160mm) 14.35x6.30x6.30''

309.Flatbed body fits prime

movers and 2-axle trailers
Prepared for the attachment of

12 stakes. Catching pigots are

provided for the attachment of

a shipping container part. No. 308

- 380x175x115mm) 14.96x6.89x4.53''

403.Tank inner compartment
with fitting plug-in parts for tank

bodies. Filling and discharge hoses,

equipment tool box with drain cock.

Capacity 0.5l. Up to 4 of these

compartments will fit the tanker semi

trailer, and 2 fit the full trailer

404.Manhole covers black, 4 pieces
Hole distance (20mm) 0.79", charging

hole diameter (20mm) 0.79"

2110.Dump body „HP“, white, powder coated in 
combination with Peterbilt 359

and chassis # 735 or # 2125.
Additional needed hydraulic „HP“ for rigid trucks and 
semi-trailer # 2130 before, colour red before, colour siler

2115.Dump body „HP“, white, powder coated
in combination with c.o.e. cabs
and chassis # 733 or # 2126.
Additional needed hydraulic „HP“ for rigid trucks and 
semi-trailer # 2130 before, colour red      before, colour silver

2294.Hydraulic fitting all dump bodies
Radio-controllable via electronic speed controller

part no. 295 Cylindre diameter (10, 12, 14 and 16mm)

0.39, 0.47, 0.55 and 0.63" , length (139 mm)

5.47", lift 295mm lifting power 6kp, pump pressure

6 bar, pump measurements: (30x35x72,5mm) 1.18x1.38x2.85"
pump motor 12V 0,2-1,5A, 
oil tank: (50x70x20/30mm) 1.97x2.76x0.79/1.18" , 80ml