New Project: Track-Type—Tractor CAT D9T. Please, find further information under the heading: News.


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Important Information:


November 2014


Wheel Loader CAT 966 G II


In recent months there have been some supply shortages with regard to the above-mentioned model. This was because some tooling and moulds needed to be reworked and others renewed. This process has now been completed and the series production has commenced.

We shall therefore be able to deliver this model from the middle to end of December 2014 in the design and quality you have become used to.


The quantity of models available in December 2014 is limited in view of the number of advanced orders that have already been placed. From February 2015, a delivery period of 8-10 days will once again be ensured.  


Thus, anyone still wishing to obtain a model in December should order directly or at least enquire as to our ability to supply. We shall then provide you with an immediate response.